jQuery DivCorners: create image corners & border layouts


imgPrefix: string

The imgPrefix parameter is not required, but will need to be set in most instances. The default value is /images/. The expected value is either an absolute, relative, or root relative path to the folder where the corner images are located. If imgPrefix is set to /images/ the resulting output for the top left image will be /images/top-left.gif.

fileType: string

By default this value is set to to .gif. If value is set to .png, DivCorners will create the proper filters for transparency in Internet Explorer.

Note: Internet Explorer will freeze until all AlphaImageLoader filters are processed. It is the nature of the browser's environment, and unfortunately the only way to achieve transparency.

expand: integer, string

radius: integer, string

// Both the expand and radius can be of type number or array.
// To set the values as array simply follow the syntax below:
    expand: "10 4 12 5",     // expand.top = 10, expand.right = 4, expand.bottom = 12, expand.left = 5
    radius: "12 6 14 7"      // radius.top = 12, radius.right = 6, radius.bottom = 14, radius.left = 7
    expand: 5,               // expand.top = 5, expand.right = 5, expand.bottom = 5, expand.left = 5
    radius: "12 7"           // radius.top = 12, radius.right = 7, radius.bottom = 12, radius.left = 7

position: string

This parameter can be set to inside or outside. Base on its value, the position parameter control were the images expand. If set to inside the images will expand from the inside of the container, likewise, if the value is set to outside, the images will expand from the outside of the box. Neither of the options will increase the true size of the container, however, when the images expand outward, surround elements will overlap.

resize: string

The resize parameter accepts a string containing a CSS selection statement which is then used to match a set of elements. Each element in the resulting set will then be bound with a dcResize() function that will be called on load.

exclude: string

This parameter allow dcCreate to exclude specific sections of the output. The exclude parameter accepts any derivative of the following string: "top-left, top, top-right, left, bottom-right, bottom, bottom-left, right." By default exclude is empty.


This determines whether parent DivCorners should be resized after creation. By default this value is true. Boolean for dcResize() and dcClear() act the same way.